Value-Added Machining Services

Added Capabilities to Save Our Customer's Time & Money

Since our founding in 1972, we have built solid relationships with local certified vendors or subcontracting services. Because of our relationship with them, we can offer additional services not found with other contract manufacturers. This subcontracting management service can reduce costs and provide a quicker turnaround for our customers.

Value-Added Services:

  • Materials testing, including sample destructive testing and non-destructive examinations
  • Metal pretreatments, including heat treatments and metal stress relieving
  • Metal plating and finishing, including anodizing, chemical wash, chemical conversion coatings, passivation, and prime & topcoat painting
  • Weld inspections, including pressure testing, dye penetrations, and radiograph & x-ray examinations

In addition, our capable team of designers, engineers, and machinists offer a wide array of value-added services. Because of our in-house capabilities, we can help you reduce costs, minimize logistics, limit risk of damage during transportation, and have a single-point traceability and accountability. It’s because of these value-added services that more clients are choosing Billet Industries as their preferred contract manufacturing partner from prototype to production.

Parts testing machine.
Part Stenciling per MIL-STD-130

Additional Value-Added Services:

  • Procurement of certified materials with mill test report and origin traceability
  • Accommodate material handling and processing up to 5 tons in weight
  • Application & design support by Billet’s manufacturing engineering and CAD support to ensure product producibility
  • Formal Program Management to support customers’ contract data deliveries
  • Military and commercial standard part marking, stenciling, and engraving
  • Military and commercial standard part and assembly packaging and kitting services
  • In-house proof load testing up to 15 tons for part or subassembly
  • AS9102 Compliant First Article Test Reports and ANSI/ASQ Sample Testing per Billet and/or customer specified quality plan

Parts Marking & Engraving

Our FSL Muse Fiber Galvo Laser can engrave parts to make serializing and tracing for your projects much easier.

Features include:

  • Accurate 3D scan, 1064nm fiber laser
  • Can engrave objects larger than the machine
  • Easily engraves cylindrical objects
FSL Muse Fiber Galvo Laser.

Contact Billet today to learn more about how our value-added services can help you on your next project.