Food Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing for Equipment Manufacturers & Food Producers

Billet Industries, located just miles from the “Sweetest Place on Earth” – Hershey, PA – has a long tradition of providing our contract manufacturing services to the food manufacturing industry. We provide consistent, defect-free parts and subassemblies used on both existing food manufacturing lines and our customers’ original equipment used around the world.

CMM inspection of Billet machined Blow-Out Preventor (BOP) End Plate
Machined Stainless Food Processing Tool Holder

Billet Industries provides our customers in the food manufacturing markets with contract manufacturing services which include acquisition of certified materials to include stainless steel and FDA grade engineered plastics. Our services include precision machining, fabrication, AWS certified welding (including structural welding per AWS D1.6 criteria), subcontracted metal pretreatment & finishing services, marking & stenciling, specialized packaging, and part kitting. All of our manufacturing processes adhere to our certified ISO 9001 quality management systems ensuring predictable performance for the parts we deliver to our customers. From candies to potato chips, sophisticated ingredient mixers to food conveyance, we have the proven resources to make your next equipment repair or new equipment design a success.

Industry Details:

  • Providing comprehensive fabrication services for components used for our customer’s existing food manufacturing lines and their original equipment for the Food Manufacturing Markets
  • Defect-free precision machining of aluminum, steel, engineered plastics & composites, and FDA grade materials
  • AWS certified structural welding of stainless steel (D1.6)
  • All manufacturing processes supported through ISO 9001 certified quality management system

Case Study

Industrial Mixing Equipment

Leading Food Manufacturer

Creating food products requires predictable and consistent food manufacturing equipment, especially industrial mixing equipment. For manufacturers of industrial continuous food mixing equipment, the tight dimensional tolerances of the mixing cams as well as their fit and syncronization is crucial to the performance of their equipment. We help them achieve this desired performance. Billet provides high precision CNC milling and turning of stainless steel and other FDA grade materials as well as precision assembly services to ensure we meet our customers exact print specifications.

Continuous Mixing Shaft Assembly used in Industrial Food Mixing Equipment