Entertainment Industry

Contract Manufacturing & Engineering Services

Just like everyone, the employees at Billet Industries enjoy the thrill of amusement rides or appreciating a great stage concert. But unlike most in the audience, our team understands the custom designs, craftsmanship, and quality it takes to ensure the success and safety of implementing truly unique creations.

Billet Industries provides the flexible manufacturing capacities to support the lower volume demands of custom designs and parts needed for the entertainment industry.

Whether you need hundreds of parts or simply one unique item, we make it affordable for you to obtain defect-free parts. We do this through our contract manufacturing service, which includes precision machining, AWS certified welding, mechanical assembly, stenciling & markings, and subcontract management of metal treatments & finishes, as well as third party inspection services, such as visual and physical weld joint inspections.

concert lighting and stage
roller coaster riders

Our design team can reverse engineer original and obsolete parts to keep your operation running smoothly. We rely on AutoCAD® for two-dimensional drawings, Solid Works™ for CAD models, and Mastercam™ for CAD manufacturing software to provide the designs for our CNC machining centers. With all our processes complying with our AS9100-certified quality management system, you will receive your parts to ensure that the show truly can go on.

Industry Details:

  • Capability for reverse engineering of obsolete parts or components
  • Defect-free precision machining of aluminum, steel, nickel alloys, and engineered plastics & composites
  • AWS certified structural welding of carbon steel (D1.1), aluminum (D1.2), and stainless (D1.6)
  • Managed subcontracting of metal pretreatments and finishes
  • All manufacturing processes supported through AS9100 certified quality management system

Case Study

Ball Screw Casings

Reverse engineering obsolete OEM parts

Solid CAD Model of obsolete ball screw casing created by Billet Industries
At Billet Industries, we specialize in supporting our customer’s highly customized designs. In many cases, our customers rely on Billet’s manufacturing engineering expertise to enhance their producibility or, in some cases, aid in reversing obsolete parts and designs. This can certainly be the case within the highly-customized designs utilized by our customers who serve the entertainment markets. Such demand can be for older equipment for which OEM parts can no longer be procured such as the ball screw casing assembly shown here. We utilized the existing part to create a solid CAD model used for manufacturing drawings, CNC programming, and quality inspection documentation. This resulted in a perfect fit for the ball screw assembly while minimizing the down time on the end user’s equipment.

Solid CAD Model of obsolete ball screw casing created by Billet Industries
Ball screw casings produced from CAD models