Contract Manufacturing Partner for Medical Equipment Companies

Since 1972, Billet Industries has provided consistent, defect-free parts and subassemblies used by companies who produce instrumentation, device, and equipment for the medical and science industries. We provide customized contract manufacturing services, including the acquisition of certified materials (including stainless steel and engineered plastics), precision machining, fabrication, AWS-certified welding (including structural welding per AWS D1.6 criteria and KAMWELD hot air plastic fusion), subcontracted metal pretreatment and finishing services, marking and stenciling, specialized packaging and part kitting. All our manufacturing processes adhere to our certified AS9100 quality management systems, which ensures predictable performance for our parts. From mechanical medical device components to precision fabricated prototype medical instrumentation, Billet Industries has the proven resources to make your next project a success.

Prototype Stainless Steel Dental Instrument
Custom machined Delrin® (Acetate) composite material for solvent resistant application

Industry Details:

  • Flexible manufacturing resources to competitively support prototype to limit rate initial production for precision machine components and subassemblies for medical and scientific equipment, device, and instrumentation
  • CNC precision machining of wide array of certified, traceable materials
  • Welding including stainless steel (AWS D1.6) and KAMWELD plastic hot fusion welding
  • Managed subcontracted metal pretreatments and finishes
  • First Article and Sample Testing with managed subcontracted testing
  • Part marking, stenciling, and engraving
  • Specialized packaging and kitting
  • Engineering manufacturing support to ensure producibility